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The Snodgrass Human Biology Research Laboratory

The Human Biology Research Laboratory is directed by Dr. Josh Snodgrass and focuses on the development and application of minimally invasive techniques (e.g., dried blood spots, saliva, and urine) for assessing health and physiology in population-based research.

Our primary research in the lab involves the use of biomarkers, such as cortisol, amylase and Epstein-Barr virus antibodies, to better understand how psychosocial stress contributes to the development and progression of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

We also study human life history trade-offs in growth and immune function using biomarkers such as C-reactive protein and immunoglobulin E. In a project led by Klaree Boose and Erica Squires, we are working with Frances White and scientists at the Columbus Zoo to examine associations between hormones such as oxytocin and testosterone and behavior among captive bonobos. 

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                  lab    snodgrass lab

The laboratory is located in the Center for Medical Education and Research building on the campus of the Sacred
Heart Medical Center in Eugene, Oregon (1 block west of UO). The lab is equipped to support immunoassay analysis
of human blood, saliva, and urine samples and, additionally, provides facilities for data analysis. Click here for directions
to the lab.

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Directions to the Human Biology Research Lab

The laboratory also houses portable metabolic equipment, including a MedGraphics VO2000 unit, which allows the measurement of energy expenditure in lab or field conditions. Additional equipment is available for assessment of
physical activity (e.g., Actical and Actigraph activity monitors and Polar heart rate monitors), body composition
(e.g., bioelectrical impedance analysis instruments), body temperature (Vitalsense telemetric physiological
monitoring systems), and cardiovascular/metabolic health (e.g., blood pressure monitors, Cardiochek PA, Cholestech
LDX & GDX, and Hemocue instruments).

The Snodgrass lab is located in the same lab cluster as other several other UO labs and shares resources with a number of human physiology labs, including the Andrew Lovering's Cardiopulmonary and Respiratory Physiology Lab, Hans Dreyer's Muscle Physiology Lab; Kirstin Sterner and Nelson Ting's Molecular Anthropology Lab; and Pranjal Mehta's Social Psychoneuroendocrinology Lab.

For more information on the types of biomarker analyses performed in my lab click here. This publication also
contains information on the biomarkers that can be measured from dried blood spot samples.

Primary Lab Projects:
Couples/Romantic relationship influences on health in adulthood
Shuar Health and Life History Project
Stress, discrimination, and health among Latin American immigrants in Oregon
WHO Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE)

Selected Lab Publications:
McClure et al. Stress, place, and allostatic load among Mexican immigrant farmworkers in Oregon. J Immigrant Minority Health.

McClure et al. 2013. Integrating biomarkers into research with Latino Immigrants in the United States. Adv Anthropology 3: 112-120.

McDade et al. 2012. Analysis of variability of high sensitivity C-reactive protein in lowland Ecuador reveals no evidence of chronic low-grade inflammation. Am J Hum Biol 24: 675-681.

Squires et al. 2012. Diurnal cortisol rhythms among Latino immigrants in Oregon, USA. J Physiol Anthropol 31: 19. (link to article)

Blackwell et al. 2011. Evidence for a peak shift in a humoral response to helminths: Age profiles of IgE in the Shuar of Ecuador, the Tsimane of Bolivia, and the U.S. NHANES. PLoS Neglect Trop D 5: e1218. pdfpic

Blackwell et al. 2010. Life history, immune function, and intestinal helminths: Trade-offs among immunoglobulin E, C-reactive protein, and growth in an Amazonian population. Am J Hum Biol 22: 836-848. pdfpic (cover photo)

McClure et al. 2010. Discrimination-related stress, blood pressure, and immune function among Latin American immigrants in Oregon. J Biosocial Sci 42: 433-461.

McClure et al. 2010. Discrimination, psychosocial stress, and health among Latin American immigrants in Oregon. Am J Hum Biol 22: 421-423.

Selected Lab Conference Presentations:

Liebert et al. 2013. The Shuar Health and Life History Project: The psychosocial stress response of children from varying degrees of market integration in an indigenous lowland Ecuadorian population (meeting abstract).  Am J Hum Biol 25: 264-265.

Urlacher et al. 2012. The Shuar Health and Life History Project: Knemometric assessment of short-term childhood growth in an indigenous Amazonian population (meeting abstract). Am J Hum Biol 24: 246.

Liebert et al. 2012. The Shuar Health and Life History Project: The relationship between market integration and diurnal salivary cortisol rhythms of children in an indigenous lowland Ecuadorian population (meeting abstract). Am J Hum Biol 24: 232.

Snodgrass et al. 2012. Acculturation, chronic psychosocial stress, and health among Latino mother-child pairs in Texas (meeting abstract). Am J Phys Anthropol (Suppl) 54: 274.

Ridgeway-Diaz et al. 2011. The Shuar Health and Life History Project: Epstein-Barr virus and market integration in the indigenous Shuar of Ecuadorian Amazonia (meeting abstract). Am J Hum Biol 23: 274.

Shattuck-Faegre et al. 2011. The Shuar Health and Life History Project: Immune pathways and Epstein-Barr virus (meeting abstract). Am J Hum Biol 23: 276.

Liebert et al. 2011. Immunoglobulin E, C-reactive protein, and cardiovascular and metabolic health among the indigenous Shuar of Ecuador (meeting abstract). Am J Hum Biol 23: 264.

Current Lab Members:


josh snodgrass profile picture

erica squires

tara cepon pic

melissa liebert
Melissa Liebert (PhD candidate)

Will Olson (Oregon undergrad)

Vimal Balu (Oregon undergrad)

Klaree Boose
Klaree Boose (PhD student)

Current Lab Interns:
Robyn Brigham (Oregon undergrad)
Blanche Blumenthal (Oregon undergrad)
Austin Wong (Oregon undergrad)

Former Lab Interns:
            Bailey Albrecht (Oregon undergrad)
            Mitch Volpe (Oregon undergrad)

Former Lab Members:

Aaron Blackwell (PhD, Oregon, 2009; now an Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara)
Lauren Hawkins (BS, Oregon, 2012)
Chelsey Iida (BS, Oregon, 2011; now in a graduate program in Biology at Oregon)
Sasha Johnson-Freyd (South Eugene High School graduate 2011)
Felicia Madimenos (PhD, Oregon, 2011; now an Assistant Professor at CUNY--Queens College)
Julia Ridgeway-Diaz (MS, Oregon, 2011; now in medical school at UCSF)
Katie Schweber (BS, Oregon, 2013)
Heather Shattuck-Faegre (now in a PhD program at Harvard University)
Liz Streeter (BS, Oregon, 2013)
Sierra Thompson (BS, Oregon, 2013)

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