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There are several images from the progression of the project that don't really seem to fit anwhere else.  So I decided I would just put them in here.....
View of the finished paint job from the stern.
Detail of the glue-up for laminating the gunwhale (3 pieces, 3/4" x 3/4" x 17')
Abundant iron nails used to fasten the hull planks to the original transom.
View of the finished paint job from the bow.
Using a hand plane to fair the floor hull planks to the edge of the chine strake.
Frosty copper precipitate after treating the wood.
View of the finished paint job from the port bow.
The substantial (90 pound!) stump I dragged home for knees for the transom.
Detail of the mast-step prior to the final glueing-and-screwing.  Mast diam. = 3".