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My grandfather, Col. Berkeley R. Lewis, II, and his brother, Col. Robert Lewis, salvaged this boat off the North Shore of Lake Superior sometime back in the early 1940's.  And as my Uncle Berk (BRL III) says "It was old then!"  So, truthfully, we have no idea how old the original boat really is.  But it seems reasonable to think that it could be as much as 100 years old!

When Berk and Robert salvaged the boat, they apparently replaced several of the frames, but most of the hull planks appear to be the originals.  Old screw holes from the original frames were filled with wooden pegs , and the new frames were placed immediately fore or aft of the originals (see photo). 

They also rigged the boat for sail.  This required the addition of lee-boards, a tiller, and, of course, a sail.  It was gaff-rigged, with a small jib.  With the exception of some fiberglass sheathing that was added to stabilize the hull sometime in the 1950's, little or nothing was changed in the design of the boat from the early 1940's to the last time it was sailed in 1979 (see photos). 

Comparison of the boat sometime in the 1940's (above) and in 1979 (below). 
It was fitted with a small outboard enginge.  You can also see the lee board, the jib, 
and the mast stays.   My uncle Berk (BRL III) was only a child in this photo.

The photo above from 1979 shows the full sail rigging with the 
lee board in place.  Passengers, from L to R, are David Etnier (my dad), 
Berk Lewis III, Nancy Lewis, Bob Kendrick, Jenny Etnier (my sister), 
and David (a.k.a. Darvid) Lewis.