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This website details the story of the wooden sailing boat recently dubbed the Colonel Lewis. It is a carvel-planked sharpie built in the early 20th century (see newly-found information under the "Artifacts" link!).  The last time this boat sailed was in 1979.  I first began working on salvaging it in 1987, but did not begin to work seriously on it until the summer of 2006.  

Follow the links on the side-bar on the left to find out more about this boat, to see pictures and video clips of the re-building process, and to check on the progress of the project!

UPDATE:  June 2008

I may not be finished, but the boat's been launched (see pictures below, and more details on the "Launching" page)!  I took her out for its first "real" sail yesterday (6/15) in light winds and she handled great!  She's light, fast, and responsive--I can't wait to take her out in bigger and more steady wind!  For now I'm using a modified Bermuda rig (chopped and re-sewn to fit my gaff rig--see pictures on the "Sails and Rigging" page).  I think it will be a good "storm" sail that can be reefed down to a pretty tiny piece of sailcloth.....
View of the planked hull from the port stern.
Dead-on stern view of the planked hull.  The mast step and forward 
thwart (i.e., seat) have been added since this photo was taken.
Same view, final coat of paint applied.
(Nearly the) same view, final coat of paint applied.
 Sailing under light winds on Lake Padden (photo by Ken)
Hard to tell, but this really is a beam reach (with the jib inadvertantly backed....)
(photo by Ken) 


---Mike Etnier
    Bellingham, WA

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